There is a structural housing crisis in the EU. This is the alarming key message of all scientific reports dealing with affordable and adequate housing in the EU in the past few years. We briefly present the individual publications to give a scientifically based overview of the current housing situation in the EU.

Understanding the housing conditions experienced by children in the EU

Produced for the European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC), published by the EU Commission, March 2020.
Authors: Andreas Culora and Barbara Janta 

What effect does housing quality have on children’s life in Europe?
This is the key question of this excellent report written by Andreas Culora and Barbara Janta. It’s a matter of fact that children are an especially vulnerable group who needs protection of the welfare state. The provision of quality and affordable housing is essential for tackling child poverty, promoting social inclusion and reducing the risk of homelessness.

The authors underline in the summary that low-quality housing is associated with a range of physical and mental health problems in children, including up to a 25 per cent higher risk of severe ill-health and disability during childhood and early adulthood, an increased risk of meningitis, asthma and slow growth (which is itself associated with coronary heart disease), anxiety and depression, and behavioural problems. Many of these issues persist into adulthood, and, as such, have a long-term impact on the life chances of children.” Furthermore, they highlight the specific vulnerabilities of children in temporary and emergency accommodation. The absence of the cooking facilities required for a healthy, regular meal, a lack of recreational areas, problems doing homework, concentrating, and inviting friends over – all constraints that cause stress, insecurity, shame, developmental and social problems. The report shows how children are affected by severe housing deprivation and how strongly this influences their future life. Absolutely worth reading!

Download full report as .pdf file here!