“There is a structural housing crisis in the EU”: this is the alarming key message of all scientific reports dealing with affordable housing in the past few years.  Some of them are, for instance, the reports of the World Bank, EU Urban Agenda Housing Partnership, Council of Europe Development Bank, Eurostat, Housing Europe and FEANTSA. We briefly present the individual reports to give a scientifically based overview of the current housing situation in the EU.

Housing inequality in Europe – Tackling inequalities in Europe: the role of social investment

Published by Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) in 2017

“Housing is at the heart of growing economic divides in Europe. This is because productivity growth, which comes with higher wages and better jobs, is concentrated in cities and industrial clusters. Cities are precisely where housing prices are prohibitive”, says the World Bank “Housing inequality in Europe”, which explains how housing inequality is shaping Europe. Furthermore, you get a picture on housing costs and housing equality and inquality by tenure status and income groups. It is a valuable publication for people who are particularly interested in affordable and adequate housing in the EU. Many technical terms and the different models of social and subsidized housing are explained very well. The content is understandable and pleasant to read. Recommendations to the EU legislators are given in the executive summary.