The COVID-19 crisis and the repetitive lockdowns all over Europe have put a spotlight on inequalities in housing and housing exclusion. Therefore, it is very gratifying that EUROSTAT has set up a great, interactive database called “Housing in Europe – statistics visualised” showing yearly figures up until 2019. The content is divided into four chapters:

  • How we live: presents data on whether people live in a house or a flat and whether they own or rent. It also includes statistics on the size and quality of housing and the environmental impact.
  • Housing cost: contains data on the evolution of house prices and rents in the last decade.
  • Construction: focuses on the construction sector and shows the evolution in the last decade. It also shows the most built-up areas in Europe.
  • Covid-19: The COVID-19 crisis and the lockdowns have put a spotlight on inequalities in housing. In order to see the impact of the crisis, the EUROSTAT platform offers a specific part on top showing short-term statistics on rents and house prices in the EU or in your country.

In order to observe the housing situation in the EU, the platform “Housing in Europe” provides an important data basis for the public debate on Europe’s housing crisis.