Analytical Report
November 2019

This analytical report is part of the European Construction Sector Observatory (ECSO) and aims to provide policy insights as well as highlight a set of evidence-based lessons learnt for policy-makers on how to support housing affordability and sustainability.

The report hence offers an overview of the state of play in terms of housing market situation, affordability and sustainability, based on national and city level statistical data, comparable across the EU. Some of the key drivers and obstacles around housing affordability – whether related to the regulatory and financing landscapes, or horizontal issues (including transport, sustainable urban planning and energy) are then identified and analysed. Once the housing affordability and sustainability landscape is drawn, the study dives into the relevant policy initiatives, touching upon housing affordability and sustainability. In doing so, it aims to highlight best practices, while illustrating potential implementation drivers and obstacles. Finally, the report offers a set of lessons learnt, based on the performed analysis.

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