The European Investment Bank (EIB) announced the signature of a €250 million financing agreement with in’li, the Action Logement Group’s subsidiary, focused on affordable housing in Île-de-France. This maiden operation between the two entities is an important step in speeding up the construction of affordable housing in the region.

Overall, this project will help create a more balanced local residential market. It will have the sufficient number of homes to meet the current needs of middle-income households, in most cases key professionals for a functioning society. In addition, it will make a significant contribution to urban renewal, cohesion and improving living standards for middle-income households. Around 6 000 Île-de-France residents will benefit from these homes whose construction will generate 5 000 person-years of employment during the implementation phase. Lastly, each home built will meet the strictest environmental criteria, in accordance with the EIB’s commitment to finance projects with the highest climate action performance targets.