170.000 signatures needed!

Will they make it? Why they better should!

170,000 signatures are necessary for the Berlin referendum “Deutsche Wohnen und Co. to expropriate” to come to a vote. Start of the collection: 26th February 2021.

The “Deutsche Wohnen & Co. expropriate” initiative advocates the socialization of real estate companies that own more than 3,000 apartments. The initiative calls for the expropriation or reversal of these groups. This would bring about 240,000 privatized apartments back into municipal ownership. Before the referendum can be put to a vote at the city government (Berliner Senat), the activists have to collect 170,000 valid signatures within four months. The start is on 26th February 2021 and the end is on 25th June 2021.

Radical measures in the highly competitive rental market!

With reference to the first article of the Basic Law on human dignity and the “right to adequate housing” according to Article 28 of the Berlin state constitution, the initiative calls for the implementation of “radical measures”, as it expresses itself. Because: From the perspective of the activists, previous measures to limit rising rents have failed.

If the “Deutsche Wohnen & Co. expropriate” initiative is successful, 240.000 apartments will be withdrawn from the private market. Then there would be as much social housing in Berlin as in Vienna. All the best for your petition! Good luck!

You can find more information on the campaign website