New model to create more affordable housing with the private sector

A private company is to take on the construction of flats for rent at below-market rates. The block of 47 flats will be built in C/ Badajoz, on a site in the Poblenou neighbourhood known as the ‘Illa Sibèria’. The land has been tendered with surface rights, meaning it will always remain publicly owned. The project is a delegated housing initiative, with Mediaurban (Grup Mediapro) to build the flats and the Fundació Hàbitat3 to manage them.

The block will have 47 flats between 50 and 80 square metres in size and with protected rents. The development will be on the site at C/ Badajoz, 11-15, a plot of 4,340 square metres known as Illa Sibèria, a former ice factory built at early in the 20th century in the Poblenou neighbourhood. Rents will cost between 5.5 and 7 euros per square metre, well below the average of 13 or 14 euros for this area. The project will be funded with private money.

Source: City of Barcelona 2019