Squaring The Circle

What does “Squaring The Circle” mean?

If you try to square the circle, you try to do something that is very difficult or impossible.
But how can we succeed in creating more affordable and decent housing in Europe? How can we ensure that housing remains affordable despite climate protection measures? We try to square the circle by providing interviews, articles, analyzes and reports of affected citizens, mayors, local and European politicians as well as housing experts on current housing issues. We present best practices and solutions from all over Europe in order to inspire decision-makers.

Affordable and decent housing is a cross-cutting issue, very closely related to other aspects of welfare systems. The European Commission committed themselves to a set of 20 principles and rights in 2017. President Juncker proclaimed: From the right to fair wages to the right to health care; from lifelong learning, a better work-life balance and gender equality to minimum income: with the European Pillar of Social Rights, the EU stands up for the rights of its citizens in a fast-changing world.

Four different perspectives on affordable housing! And what we want to achieve!

We collect, verify and share information, promote and moderate the dialogue and knowledge-exchange from four different perspectives. Housing4Europe is connecting those perspectives to make solutions possible and visible, to make interactions trusted and sustainable!